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Treatments that fit your schedule
We also offer laser hair removal 


ReviTouch is a professional clinic that specializes in several distinct techniques to focus on wellness and target problem areas.

Our bodies are complex systems, and whether we are active or sedentary, discomfort can originate from many sources. Even just sitting at a computer for many hours may take a heavier toll than we realize. 


ReviTouch is a great solution for people with a tight schedule - whether you have just 15 minutes or a full hour to spare, we have you covered.  




Head Massage

Treatment Types


Sports Massage

Targeted treatments based on your individual needs, such as overall flexibility or specific pain areas. Treatments include the trigger-point and myofascial release techniques.


Deep Tissue Massage

Slow movement and firm pressure, deep tissue massage reaches deeper muscle tissue layers.


Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage, which works on the soft tissue and helps to increase the blood circulation. 


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a technique that we use to create suction that increases blood circulation.

Cupping can help to treat back pain, muscle stiffness and inflammation.

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