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Shoulder Joint

The shoulder joint is the joint with the largest range of movement in the human body.

It is also the most flexible joint in the body and has extensive movements.

The shoulder joint contains: the shoulder blade, the collarbone, the humerus (the forearm bone).

As opposed to the other joints of the body. What limits the range of movement of the shoulder joint are muscles, tendons and ligaments rather than bones, which gives it the globular structure.

The disadvantage of this structure is the increased sensitivity of the joint, which is reflected in a variety of sports injuries.

2 Sports injuries are common in this area:

1.Snapping scapula syndrome - characterized by a kind of clicks (as something is not sitting in the right place) when the shoulder is moved up, down, or in a circular motion.

2. Stretch or tear of the shoulder tendons

Common Causes of Injuries:

Working in the field where we repeat the same movement over and over again especially when our hands are over our heads, for example: painter jobs. athletes: Swimmers, tennis players, volleyball players, basketball players, weightlifting and any field where we have to increase shoulder strain.

Methods of Treatment: *Streching *Warming the muscles *Movement of the joint

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